Thursday night we worked with Dog Box Media to film one of the concerts on the Astronaut School Tour featuring Freddy Todd and Space Jesus at The Spot Underground in Providence, Rhode Island!

2015-01-29 22.19.42

It was a great night at a beautiful venue! It was our first time at The Spot Underground and let’s just say, they know how to run a great venue! The show was also spectacular as well! All the DJs preformed well and the crowed had a great time.

Dog Box Media will be doing the all the post production work on the footage but we will be sure to post it once everything is finished! In the mean time, you can find out more about Dog Box Media on their website: and you can also check out what’s going on at The Spot Underground by visiting their website:!

For those of you wondering what gear we used, look no further! We were filming with a Panasonic HC-X1000, 2x Canon XA20s, a GoPro HERO4, and a Glidecam HD-4000 with Arm & Vest!

2015-01-31 02.09.55

From Monday into late Tuesday night, Rhode Island was battered by Blizzard Juno. With Travel bans still in effect until 8pm Tuesday night, the roads were almost deserted, seeing almost only plow trucks out to help clean up the mess.

I decided to venture out Tuesday afternoon and see what Main Street in East Greenwich looked like. The following are several images of locals shoveling out their businesses and plows helping to clear up the streets.

East Greenwich Town HallPhotos by Matthew Choyce of Blackhole Media

Main Street in East Greenwich was maintained extremely well throughout the entirety of Juno allowing for less work by crews after the storm. As for local businesses, well today it seems like everyone was out and about things were already back to normal!


If you’d like to use any of these images please contact mchoyce [at] blackholemedia [dot] org!

Warwick HAZMAT responds to 3000gal propane tank leak in the vicinity of 901 Main St in East Greenwich, Rhode Island earlier today. The area was evacuated while East Greenwich, North Kingstown, and Warwick fire departments assessed the situation. No injuries reported. The Situation was resolved around 11:30am.

IMG_0015 IMG_0002

This past weekend in Cromwell, Connecticut we helped out Furpocalypse, a Halloween Anthropomorphic convention. Our team setup both sound and lighting for their main events space and ran it the entire weekend.

The turnout for the convention (1200+) was better then anyone could have hoped for their first year! Our team had a fantastic time helping make this convention possible and we look forward to working with Furpocalypse for years to come!